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Care Guides

How to Care for your Cashmere, Merino Wool, and Mohair

Use this guide to keep your knitwear beautiful


With the softer Cashmere, always use your Cashmere comb (not a shaver or de-bobbler maching) I find a pony wool comb best (available from Amazon/John Lewis). After a few wears, comb to renew initial pilling.


Wash in wool wash program, no more than 30 degrees with no more than 800rpm spin. Put knitwear in a netted washing bag (available from Amazon/John Lewis). This protects the garment from being over spun. I use Johnson's baby shampoo, it's very mild and inexpensive. Just put it in liquid dispenser!


Dry flat on the radiator. You should see the pile comes up and renews cashmere. Cool iron to take out creases.

There you go... should look perfect!
Enjoy your Wyse London knitwear.

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