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Top 10 Packing Tips


I hope you are all really well and enjoying the summer! 

Wherever you are going on holiday, from tropical getaways to the great British seaside, here are a few packing tricks that I’ve picked up on my travels over the years. I hope they might work for some of you too.

 1) Roll light summer clothes for more packing space.

2) Style outfits before you pack, mix n’ match colour palettes to double up on accessories.

3) Opt for mini sized lotions and potions to save space.

 4) Use a summer basket as your carry on bag.

5) Treat yourself to a good suitcase

6) Always take an adaptor (nothing more annoying than finding you can’t charge your phone)!

 7) Avoid fabrics that crease easily (unless you like ironing on holiday).

8) Always pack at least one pair of heels (wherever you are going).

9) You will only ever need one pair of flip flops.

10) Never travel without a cashmere jumper, (planes get cold too) just saying! 

I hope these tips and tricks are useful for your holiday packing and have wonderful summer holidays! 

Until next month,

Love Marielle x

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