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Welcome to Wyse World

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Welcome to Wyse World. A space to hang out with all things Wyse. 
We will be taking five minutes with some of out favourite Wyse Women, finding daily inspiration for our cashmere and letting you all know about the ins and outs of our world.
To get you started here are 10 things to know about Marielle, creative genius and founder of Wyse London. 
 1. Mother to challenging teenagers Joe and Maddy Griffiths.

2. Partner to workaholic lawyer, Edd. Used to be a Natural History Documentary maker, also worked at Elle Magazine.

3. Founder of Wyse London, essentials with an edge at affordable prices

4. Firm believer of the view less is more.

5. Firm believer that you have to decide what you want to do and just have to do it.

6. Half french and a big fan of the French style. Always understated, well cut, nod to fashion but not a slave to fashion. Age appropriate.

7. Wears her own jumpers every (and I mean every) day of the week. It is my uniform. Particularly the gold lurex ones.

8. Loves designing new stuff and is very very lazy at anything to do with accounts. Numerous piles of paper in the house.

9. Love food, love cooking and love my family and friends. They are my life… (closely followed by cashmere).

10. Constantly asking customers - are you comfortable in that? If the answer if yes, then I say get it, they come back to me, tell me they’ve lived in their cashmere, and it makes them feel fab. Wonderful!

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