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What I have learned about Motherhood


It is nearly Mother's day. At Wyse World we all seem to fit our work life around our children and spend many hours discussing the perils and joy of Motherhood. So thought a little Q & A with our Creative Director and Founder Marielle would be the perfect Mother's Sunday read.



What is the most surprising thing that you have learned from Motherhood?
That they are born with their own little characters, personalities, strengths, weaknesses.  You can steer them, influence guide them and give your opinion - but they are a person in themselves and you must encourage them to thrive and be happy. 
What are the most important aspects of Motherhood?
Cuddling, kissing, smiling and saying of well never mind quite a lot.  My favourite expression is well I can’t get my knickers in a twist about that one.  I am a relaxed mother, possibly, arguably with teenagers, a little too relaxed!  But I really believe in trust and respect.  If you can’t give it, how can you expect it back?
What is your #MumFail moment?
Every morning stressing to get them out of the door so they are not late again for school.  No one told me that teenagers find it impossible and I mean impossible to get out of bed.  My other memorable big fail is my son Joe, aged 2 days being tipped out of his car seat in the middle of John Lewis as he wasn’t strapped in and the handle wasn’t secured.  He howled in front of everyone and then we both hid in the lift and cried! Fail….

Picking your battles wisely is huge, how do you chose with to pick and which to let go?
I guess as they grow older you are constantly re evaluating how to do things.  For me number one its about being safe and well mannered.  I insist on politeness, smiling and crossing the road very carefully without headphones on.  
I don’t get too stressed about parties (well sort of!), mess and whether they’ve eaten the right things or not. I always try and have a giggle with them and embarrassing them is probably my favourite passtime...
Any tips for new Mothers?
Don’t stress, enjoy.  Don’t strive for perfection.  Kiss and cuddle a lot.  Laugh a lot.  Dance with them and sing lot of Xmas songs.  Be a tiny weeny bit their friend but teach them love and respect, and kindness.
What is the one life lesson/skill that is really important for you to teach your children?
Give …..and then laugh x
Have such a wonderful weekend with your children and I hope you all get thoroughly spoilt.
Marielle x

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