How to…
Style Different Jumpers

A wardrobe staple, jumpers can be styled for any occasion. From casual outfit ideas to
more formal, here’s how to style them with expert tips from WYSE London.

First off, a jumper is your best friend this season.
Whether you want something slouchy yet stylish to work from home in, or are looking for a piece you caninstantly elevate to wear in the evening
(or ideally, both),
a sweater really should be your go-to. Did we mention cardigans too? At Wyse, we aim to cater for all your knitwear whims and fancies, but because we believe the proof of a good purchase is in the cost-per-wear, here are some styling ideas to help you get the most out of your wardrobe.

How to style a jumper

Let us count the ways! You can choose to go oversize or streamline, dress your knit up, or make it more casual –
the choice is yours, just think about proportions. If you’re going bigger on top, the bottom half of your outfit should be slimmer fit and vice versa. So, wear a slouchy jumper
or chunky knit cardigan with slim jeans, or pair a skinny merino poloneck or cashmere sweater with wide-leg flares or a tiered skirt.
Look for jumpers that start a conversation (sequins, stripes, prints) or those that quietly do all the hard work in the background.


The Devil is in the details

Push up your sleeves to show off shirt cuffs underneath, or the stripes of a Breton.

Tuck a fine knit into high-waisted trousers or ‘French-tuck’ (tucking just the front of your jumper into your waistband) a bigger knit to create more definition at your waist.

Wear chandelier earrings or red lipstick to transform a simple marl grey sweater.

Add a belt over a cardigan to give it more definition.

Tuck longer hair into a funnel neck sweater for Parisian girl chic.

How to style a cashmere jumper

Wyse is synonymous with cashmere (we’ve never met a knit we didn’t love), but we love it for its versatility as
much as its quality. Of course, cashmere comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can wear for any occasion. Instead of saving forbest, pair your cashmere sweater
with sweatpants and sliders to make it more laid-back.
At the weekends, layer an oversize striped knit over a denim shirt, in the evening wear it tucked into a satin skirt with heels. Colour is key too –black, grey, navy and tan will work as neutral shades to mix with prints, stripes and rainbow shades feel more relaxed, a cream cashmere sweaterpaired with cream jeans always feels expensive. Cashmere jumpers used to feel a bit too serious, but at Wyse we like to add sequins and stripes to make ours modern and witty.
Finally remember, it’s never one size fits all. The same cashmere sweater can do different jobs if you buy it in different sizes –go smaller for a neater, more polished look, and buy one or two sizes up for a relaxed vibe.

Instead of saving for best, pair your cashmere sweater with sweatpants and sliders to make it more laid-back

How to style a sweater vest

The season’s hit knit has to be a sweater vest. It’s a useful extra layer to keep out the chill (try layering under a quilted jacket for warmth without too much bulk), but it’s also ideal to add interest to a simple outfit. The perfect complement to jeans and a long sleeve shirt, particularly because it shows off puff shoulders, high necklines and ruffle cuffs, you can stick to a neutral shade and let your shirt stand out, or use it as a pop of colour to another wyse neutral ensemble. Sweater vests also look great worn over long-sleeve dresses – a slimmer fit knit will give more of a streamline shape and find one which stops at your natural waist. Play around with prints and colours – we love a bright knit with a chambray or striped shirt and a patterned sweater vest worn with a printed dress feels modern and fresh.

Stick to a neutral shade and let your shirt stand out, or use it as a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral ensemble.

How to wear a jumper over dress

Sweaters and dresses are a surprising match made in heaven – one becomes more elevated, the other, less formal. Wear an oversize knit over a satin slip dress for the evening or belt a cardigan over a dress in lieu of a coat – then just add heels. A chunky roll neck belted over a midi dress and worn with knee highboots brings good 70s vibes. Colour and shape are key – layering tonal shades helps you to feel pulled together, or choose a knit which incorporates a few shades so you can match it with different pieces you already own.

How to wear a roll neck jumper

If you don’t yet own a roll neck, now’s the time. The question is whether to go big or small?
A slim-fit roll neck can be super useful –layer under your dresses for an instant style refresh. Navy and grey are classics but try ivory, for its complexion-lifting potential. Skinny rib sweaters also work brilliantly under dungarees or tucked into cords and worn under a blazer. Talking of blazers, a chunkier funnel neck jumper also looks brilliant (and effortless) under a tailored jacket. That oversize funnel neck provides a cool juxtaposition to a sequin skirt too, so consider it for a night out. If in doubt, we say, buy both.

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