It all started with a rainbow.
That may not come as a surprise if you look at the Wyse collection now, but when I started the brand nine years ago, cashmere was mostly conservative, classic – and, dare I say it, lacking in joy. Back then, I was hunting for knitwear for myself, but couldn’t find anything that felt truly special and unusual, that I actually wanted to wear.

Then one day I passed a woman in the street who had on a plain jumper with a tiny little rainbow embroidered on one side. That rainbow ignited something inside me, and I wondered, “what if the rainbow went all the way across the front?” 

I wasn’t a fashion designer, but I’ve always had a passion for clothes and a creative instinct. At a time when the industry was either exclusively high-end or mass-market highstreet, I saw an opportunity. I sketched the rainbow jumper and four other designs on a piece of paper and a friend gave me a number for a factory who could make them for me. I took those five sweaters to a house party and the women there loved them. Six months later, I did my first pop-up to sell my sweaters and it was a roaring success. 

Each time I sold out of stock, I invested the money back into the business, listening to what my customers wanted, designing new pieces and growing my brand organically. Women have always been at the heart of Wyse - customer feedback, then and now, is the secret of my success. I’ve realised that there are lots of women out there like me - who want something elevated and luxurious but also unexpected and a bit fabulous. That’s the thing about Wyse, it’s not about being a certain age or looking a certain way – it’s an ethos and a sense of joie de vivre. I see women of all shapes and sizes, aged from 18 to 80, wearing my clothes and they all look incredible.

From a handful of cashmere sweaters to a collection which includes sequin skirts, denim and of course an array of joy-giving knitwear, Wyse is ever-growing and expanding. Being half French, half British, my design approach is always less is more, but with a twist. I constantly find myself torn between elegance and quirkiness. My French side yearns for simplicity and elegance, but my British side craves the unexpected. That’s why every piece of luxury clothing I design has a detail, be it a lurex thread, sequins, florals, leather or a pop of colour! I want it to be the item that makes people take a second look, when you pass them in the street. 
It’s that little tiny rainbow, over and over again.

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Marielle x