Best Dressed

There’s no better way to showcase Wyse, than on our most loved women. Meet the customers and friends of the brand who give our clothes their unique spin.

We are super proud of the community we have built, who prove style is ageless, dress size is irrelevant and good clothes can make you look great and feel greater.

Name: Louise Obadia
Age: 49 (only till October haha!)
Wyse size: Either a 2 or 3. Tops and jeans i wear a 2 but dresses I take a 3
Describe your figure:
I’m just over 5ft7, 36B bust and quite straight! Broad back and shoulders, a little bit of a middle age tummy and slim legs!
Your style in three words:
Feminine, polished, natural
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
I love all the Aimee dresses, especially the Fabienne or the teal ditsy and I wear them with either the Delphine denim jacket and trainers or tan knee high boots. I also love my Isabelle pointelle pieces - I have the jumper in pink and blue and the cardigan in lemon - I love them with jeans and trainers!
Your fashion philosophy:
Stay true to what suits you. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and empowered.

Louise Wears

Name: Emily Fitch Miller
Age: 53
Wyse size: 3
Describe your figure:
I am 5 foot 7 inches and a size 12. I need clothes that are cut for my fuller bust and tummy area.
Your style in three words:
Classic, elegance with a bohemian, feminine edge.
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
 I am loving the Wyse dresses and blouses. The DB Collaboration dress is just one of the easiest and most comfortable dresses to wear in my wardrobe. I like to wear it with a belt and gold jewellery and I will style it with a blazer or belted at the waist with a Wyse cardigan and knee high boots for the Autumn months.
Your fashion philosophy:
Find what you love wearing and what suits you and don't let your clothes wear you. Enjoy your wardrobe and never save things for best: wear what you love today! Life is for wearing dresses, fabulous shoes and red lipstick!

Emily Wears

Name: Neena Sharma
Age: 51
Wyse size: 4
Describe your figure:
I have a typical hourglass shape and have bits I like to accentuate and bits I don’t! Fortunately Marielle understands this and everything I buy from Wyse fits in all the right places and makes me feel fantastic.
Your style in three words:
Simple, Polished, Feminine
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
The Serena leopard print dress is a favourite as it’s so versatile and easy to wear. I style mine with a black or tan belt and my Delphine denim jacket.
Your fashion philosophy:
I like clothes which reflect my positive, joyful attitude to life, are not over complicated and can be dressed up or down. My clothes need to work hard and be versatile enough to match my busy lifestyle, whether I’m working, popping to the shops or going on a night out. Wyse clothes make me feel like my best self.

Neena Wears

Name: Natalia Williams
Age: 48
Wyse size: 1/2 (tops and dresses) and 2/3 in trousers/bottoms
Describe your figure:
I would say that I am a curvy woman with an hourglass shape and a prominent bust.
Your style in three words:
Feminine, comfortable and elegant.
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
My go-to Wyse pieces are definitely the Aimee dresses in any pattern as I am in love with the silhouette of the shape and it is so versatile! I love to pair it with a pair of cool trainers and a denim jacket/blazer. I also absolutely love the flares recently and I have been styling it with flowy tops and cozy cardigans that you can throw on! Those flares are so flattering and you can get away with them at any season!
Your fashion philosophy:
I believe that you should always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in! Fashion should make you feel amazing and give you the boost to go out into the world and have fun!!

Natalia Wears

Name: Cath Weller
Age: 50
Wyse size: 1
Describe your figure:
Slim hourglass
Your style in three words:
confident, playful, elevated.
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
Denim is a key part of my Wyse capsule. It forms the foundation for my everyday look. I like to layer a sweater over a blouse, Under a jacket (with maybe even a large cardigan over the top). Add to belt to pull it all together. I’ll then add the showstoppers, my London outfits, that make me feel fabulous - real showstoppers which draw attention. The Nadine dress and the Noemi jumpsuit this season have done exactly that for me.
Your fashion philosophy:
Be comfortable, colourful and layer up. Tonal dressing elevates a look every time. When in doubt, size up.

Cath Wears

Name: Priya Pitt
Age: 44
Wyse size: 1 and 2
Describe your figure:
Curvy and petite
Your style in three words:
casually smart, edgy but feminine.
Your go-to Wyse pieces and how you style them:
I love the denim and the freida blouses, I love to smarten them up for work but then add trainers or flats to give them an edge. I love anything leopard print – the Nadine dresses are fantastic, I love to wear them with trainers and a cardigan or with a masculine jacket and ankle boots
Your fashion philosophy:
Be yourself and your style will shine through!

Priya wears