The aim of Wyse has always been to design beautiful, effortless clothes that will suit everyone – whatever your age, size or style. And we’ve realised over time that the best advertisement of all, is the customers who love our brand – and wear it brilliantly too. During our weekly Instagram Live chats, founder Marielle has been joined by some of these women and their styling advice, ideas and experience of the wearing the brand has proven invaluable to other customers – so much so, we have decided to launch W.Y.S.E - Wear Your Style Everyday, an online personal styling service by some of our most valued brand ambassadors. This is a complimentary online service (yes, it’s free!), which can be a 1-2-1 session or you can gather a group of friends to take part. Our stylists will be on hand to discuss sizing and fit, make suggestions on how to wear your Wyse piece in lots of different ways and to provide real life inspiration (so much better than models, right?)

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Meet the Stylists


Cath, 49 from Wales, discovered Wyse during lockdown but has fast become one of our most enthusiastic customers. She calls her wardrobe ‘a game of two halves’ and buys Wyse pieces both for a smarter office job and more laidback weekends. Previously a size 12-14, Cath has lost two and a half stone during lockdown and now wears a size 8-10 (she’s 5ft 3”). She says that, ‘even though I’ve lost a lot of weight, my style hasn’t changed. The sizes have just got smaller.’

CATH on Style

‘Clothes really boost my mood and confidence and through trial and error I’ve learned to understand how to make the most of my best bits (and draw attention away from the rest). In Wyse, you never feel that you’re trying too hard, but always look tres chic.’

Email: cath@wyselondon.co.uk or DM via Instagram @mrsaddtobasket.


Agnes, 38 from London has been a Wyse customer for 3 years, but through the lockdown her love for the brand has grown exponentially. She says her clothes need to work hard, because she needs pieces which can transition easily from day to night. 5ft 6” and a 12-13, she believes size is just a number and says you should focus on being comfortable and confident, even if that occasionally means sizing up, ‘It took a long time to realise I don't need to squeeze into a smaller size for the sake of it, but to embrace what I was given and to make the best of the figure I have’ she says. She thinks stepping outside your comfort zone can often help you reinvigorate your wardrobe and it can be empowering. ‘Don't be afraid to try new things - Marielle got me to try dungarees and ‘pink’, neither of which I thought I could ever wear!’ She is passionate about helping people to look and feel good in their clothes, regardless of shape or size. 'To me style is very personal thing, and clothing is a form of self-expression, and dressing well, makes me feel good'.

AGNES on Style

‘I like an effortless and chic look, and I love to mix fabrics and textures - my go-to look is a silk skirt or a dress with a chunky knit over it – and to experiment with colour. I’m attracted to clothes that look elegant yet not OTT. I try to dress in a way that means every time I pass a mirror, I have a 'this looks good' moment.’

Email: agnes@wyselondon.co.uk or DM via Instagram @what_agnes_wore


Judith, 51 from Northumberland, has always loved clothes, and how they make you feel. A size 16, and a 5/XL in Wyse, her desire is to help everyone else to look good and feel happy, whatever their size. She loves the way Marielle interacts with the Wyse customer and hopes she can bring as much inspiration and enthusiasm too.

JUDITH on Style

‘I trust my own instincts and if I feel comfortable, I feel confident in how I look.’

Email: judith@wyselondon.co.uk or DM via Instagram @judithlaidler7000