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We Want to Live Here


We are always perusing the  Wear & Where Blog and love reading all about Wyse World's Founder Marielle's  beautiful home so wanted to share it with you too. 


Wyse HQ x


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If you haven’t yet discovered Wyse London, then you’re in for a treat. Founder Marielle Wyse has created the ultimate lust-pot of gorgeousness with her beautiful (and brilliantly-priced) cashmere designs (find out more here). Rather unsurprisingly for someone with such a good eye, Marielle’s home is just as beautiful. Furnished with her finds from “anywhere and everywhere…Ikea, French flea markets, the Conran Shop, local junk shops and little interior shops I find along the way,” it is serene, calm and just the kind of place for creating those beautiful sweaters we love her for…


We’ve lived in our house for about 11 years and had to do pretty much everything when we moved in. There was a lean-to plastic home-built conservatory and mirrored wardrobes in the bedroom! Oh yes, and an avocado coloured jacuzzi bath that threw out used to terrify the kids!

Now I’d describe it as a mix of modern and traditional with splashes of colour. It’s also comfortable, cosy and hopefully inviting. I’m not really precious about our things. It’s on a shoot website, so regularly gets crews coming through – so I’m pretty relaxed. Plus, it’s now slightly being overtaken by my cashmere business.

20130314 WormholtRoad-004

The Kitchen

I wanted to the kitchen to be simple white with splashes of colour and large work surfaces as I like to cook and like a proximity between the dishwasher and mugs or glasses!  I kid you not, it’s proved invaluable! As a family we are in the kitchen all the time as it’s a big wide dining/living/cooking/homework doing area.  The island is great as the kids are always chatting to me there.

20130314 WormholtRoad-027

20130314 WormholtRoad-138

I don’t like things too plain and neutral so I knew I wanted some colours.  I started collecting flower pictures and got so many I knew they had to go on the wall (top picture).  One would look silly but lots together look fun. A couple were given to me by friends that they found in their attic – they mean a lot to me. I love having pictures everywhere.. You never seem to get bored of looking at them. Particularly the ones of my kids when they were little as now they are rather interesting teenagers!

The rugs are either from Ikea or a lovely shop called Design Vintage in Brighton.  The lights are from the Conran shop and the dresser is a huge vintage one from Julian Barnes antiques.

20130314 WormholtRoad-180

The Hallway

I painted the stairs myself and the tiles were an original feature. From memory, the hooks were from Cox and Cox and the light from Baileys Home & Garden.

20130314 WormholtRoad-168

Living Room

20130314 WormholtRoad-235

20130314 WormholtRoad-225

I wanted a lovely open squishy sofa led space where we could all hang out together and chat together.  I like having the sofas opposite each other. The cushions were from a shop in the South of France – I can’t remember where but my husband wasn’t very happy when I turned up with a load of bags… The Love picture was done by my friend Charlotte from Dandystar.  They have great bits of homewear.

20130314 WormholtRoad-251


I wanted this room to have a feeling of peace and a lovely huge bed, which was expensive but is divine. Its a vi-spring bed and if there is one thing I would say to spend your money on, it would be that. I bought the fabric for the curtains from a shop in Ludlow and the cupboards are all made to measure.  I have far too many clothes!

20130314 WormholtRoad-263

20130314 WormholtRoad-295


I like having baths and my husband showers so we had to sneak in both.  I love displaying things so I had a shelf built to put all my glass bottles and flowers on.  I wanted it simple and easy to maintain so no white floors and no white towels.  Best ever bit of advice!

20130314 WormholtRoad-332-1

20130314 WormholtRoad-339

Second Bedroom

This has been both my children’s room as they used to have bunk beds, but now it is my son’s as my daughter is on the floor up. He is desperate for redecoration as he thinks its too girly. The desk is built in and is great at exam time! The pictures are again from Dandystar and the bed cover is a crochet one from a car boot sale.

20130314 WormholtRoad-356

Third Bedroom

I wanted to make a feature of what is a box room, so I put that map up, which is endlessly fascinating. It was from Cox and Cox I think. Rugs are as usual from Ikea. I love a sheepskin rug – so cosy!

20130314 WormholtRoad-348

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