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The French Connection

For me being half French, Paris is like a second home. I’ve always felt very comfortable around that cafe society set up - where you hang out and dip your croissants in your cafe creme.  
Eating and drinking is a very sociable experience in France and enormous pleasure is taken in good food - something I love.
I can’t really separate Paris from the rest of France though it is very very different.  I love France as it appreciates the good things in life - great food, great wine, great conversation, great philosophy, great art, great fashion.  So much!
Sometimes it can be a little too perfect and everyone ends up looking similar, you don’t have the eclectic thing you have in London.  But what I love is people really know how to make the best of themselves and they do.  If a shape or colour doesn’t suit them, they just won’t wear it, even if it is the height of fashion.  I hate to say it but they just have the knack.  I’m constantly amazed.
With the French side of my family, we are so open- so quick to express emotion and feeling it is so different from the English - and what I love is actually sitting down and discussing a dish you have eaten and exchanging recipes - something I rarely do in the UK! There is a passion to French life which sometimes lacks for me in the UK.  Emotion just runs in the blood of the French!
I recently had a girls trip with my daughter and her best friend and it made me realise that there are so many secret tips to having a wonderful time in Paris. So I thought I would let you all into my secret Paris.
1.  Stock shops for Maje and Les Petits - real bargains as long as they have your size!! 
4 rue de Marseille

75010 Paris

2)  Merci - 111 Bld  Beaumarchais  75003 Paris - not so secret these days,  Love the selection of jewellery and linens.


3) Bastille/Marais for shopping Rue des Francs Bourgeois 75004 Paris- especially the Ba&sh shop a personal favourite.
4) Musee Rodin -79 Rue de Varenne, 75007  such a beautiful, inspiring space without the queues
6) L’épicerie du Bon marche. 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris.    What can I say - I could spend all day there - pure heaven!
Oh I wish I was back there now.
Marielle x
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