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Cashmere production and a stack of cashmere jumpers.

‘At Wyse London we not only care about how our clothes look, but also how they are made’.

When I created Wyse London in 2014, my passion and focus was to design and produce an ethically sourced sustainable cashmere label, using the finest fibres from Inner Mongolia. 

For the past 5 years we have continued working with the same dedicated factories, labouring to deliver organic and traceable cashmere at its best.

Our suppliers strive to improve the production process, aiming to reduce energy consumption and so help do our bit for the environment.

Perfecting the manufacturing process and creating a sustainable brand is an on going journey of which Wyse London is on board. Our plan by 2020 to use only recyclable packaging is just the start.

The people at Yuteng Cashmere in China.

‘The companies we work with care about the environment and invest in their employees’.

We are proud to work with Yuteng Cashmere in China, who cultivate acres of organic pastures. Yuteng also care about their workers and donate a percentage of the sales revenue from all traceable cashmere produced, back to their employees. Rewarding the herdsman for their hard work and making them feel valued, helps produce a sustainable work ethic and also improve the quality of their lives.

Marielle x

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