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The Customer is Always Right



So our Pop up Store is all finished. So we thought we would ask our Queen of Cashmere Marielle about being on the Shop floor and meeting lots of Wyse Women.

Here is her top 5 pieces of advice about listening to the most important people in the business.

1)  Listen to the customer - see what sort of thing they’re after and see if you can help
2)  If they want advice - advise them and be honest (in a nice way).  There’s no point in selling something that they don’t feel comfortable in.
3) Same as 2 really - ask them if they feel comfortable in what they are wearing.  I can see if someone looks comfortable by the way they stand and whether they pull the garment around a bit.  I always say - you should wear the garment - it shouldn’t wear you… Linked to comfort again I guess.
4)  People tend to know what colours suit them but I can tell just from looking at someone what they might like.  Occasionally I can take them a tiny bit (only a tiny bit) out of their comfort zone, but then they are pleasantly surprised.  I’m not a massive bright colour person - I wish I was but I find it hard sometimes to wear.  I love splashes of colour and nods to fashion.  Cool, fashion-y and comfortable…
5)  Know your shapes - I know my jumper shapes and am getting very polished at what shape works for who.  I seem have to designed something for most shapes and sizes - new in the Kenza slouchy for more length in the body for example.  
6)  I know there isn’t a 6 but I thought I’d add it in.  Have a sense of humour and don’t take anything too seriously.  Apologise a lot and be humble.  I have made some lovely new friends through cashmere.
Top tips. We loved meeting you all and Thank You for being such wonderful, kind and supportive Wyse Women.
Marielle x
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